New Release: 2.9.3

Bug Fixes

  • Add TypedArray globals for ES2015 (ee0acab)
  • Allow Expression within for-in head (56c95d0)
  • Avoid crash when peeking past end of prog (#2937) (330d429)
  • Correct behavior of singleGroups (#2951) (97fefb7)
  • Correct interpretation of ASI (#2977) (3ef7a03)
  • Correctly recognize asi after directives (039ee2e), closes #2714
  • Disallow Import declarations below top lvl (d800e44)
  • Support y RegExp flag in ES2015 code (#2999) (a801433)
  • Support semicolons within arrow fn params (#3003) (179a9d6)


  • Error for literals on rhs of instanceof (e3e745b), closes #2777