Download and install

For browser-like environments: download.

For Rhino: download.

Node (with NPM)

NPM version

From your command line run the following command (add -g to install globally on your system):

npm install jshint

Plugins for text editors and IDEs


  • jshint.vim, VIM plugin and command line tool for running JSHint.
  • jshint2.vim, modern VIM plugin with extra features for running JSHint.
  • Syntastic, supports JSHint both older/newer than 1.1.0.


  • jshint-mode, JSHint mode for GNU Emacs.
  • Flycheck, on-the-fly syntax checking extension for GNU Emacs, built-in JSHint support.
  • web-mode, an autonomous major-mode for editing web templates supports JSHint.

Sublime Text



Visual Studio



Other cool stuff

  • JSHintr is a web tool that allows you to set your own code standards, easily review a file against these standards, and share the output with other developers.
  • FixMyJS is a tool that automatically fixes mistakes—such as missing semicolon, multiple definitions, etc.—reported by JSHint.
  • A ruby gem for JSHint.
  • Another ruby gem but without Java dependency.
  • pre-commit checks your code for errors before you commit it.
  • Dedicated Ant task to easily automate JSHint in Ant Maven.
  • QHint - JSHint in QUnit. Check for errors in your code from within your unit tests. Lint errors result in failed tests.
  • Grunt, a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects, supports JSHint out of the box.
  • overcommit is an extensible Git hook manager with built-in JSHint linting, distributed as a Ruby gem. Read more about it.
  • jshint-mojo, a plugin for Maven.
  • JSXHint, a wrapper around JSHint to allow linting of files containing JSX syntax.