New release: r03

This release contains significant improvements to the way JSHint treats ES5 accessor functions:

  • Getters no longer raise the “Don't make functions within a loop” warnings.

  • JSHint no longer enforces value as a parameter name for setter functions.

  • JSHint no longer requires setter functions to follow getters.

  • Improved checks for duplicate properties. For example, JSHint now understands that this code is valid:

    x = {
          get x: function () {},
            set x: function () {}

    While this one is not:

    x = {
          get x: function () {},
            x: true
  • Tests cover more use cases with ES5 accessors.

  • Fixed a bug with JSHint producing false warning for the following code:

    somevar.replace(/[0-9-]/g, "");

Thanks to Máté Farkas and Wolfgang Kluge.

Welcome Wolfgang and Josh!

Please welcome new JSHint Core team members Wolfgang Kluge and Josh Perez! I'm really excited to work with them on making JSHint the best code quality tool for JavaScript.