New release: r09

This release introduces a new option called unused. This option allows you to quickly spot variables that were defined but never used.

Other changes:

  • Fixes and improvements for our new option quotmark from r08.
  • Rhino wrapper now accepts shortcuts for predefined globals:

    $ rhino jshint-rhino.js myfile.js undef:true myglobal

    Also, it no longer assumes rhino=true for all files.

  • We removed (it used to generate HTML based on JSHint output).
  • We changed camelcase to tolerate variables with leading underscores since it is one of the most common patterns for pseudo-private variables in JavaScript.
  • nomen now recognizes Underscore.js global.
  • + other minor bugfixes.

Thanks to Rod Vagg and Nikolay Frantsev.