JSHint 1.1.0 is out

JSHint 1.1.0 is out! This release contains important bug fixes for 1.0.0 and a couple of new features.

  • This version adds a new environment option for PhantomJS: phantom. (#814)
  • Fixes a bug where JSHint would skip parent directory when looking for .jshintrc file. (#850)
  • Adds new option gcl to make JSHint style checks compatible with Google Closure Linter. (#812 and #811)
  • Adds a new example .jshintrc file that mirrors defaults from the website.
  • Removes errors about empty input. JSHint will now treat empty files as valid. (#767)
  • Fixes a bug where code like return "="; would produce a false positive warning. (#878)
  • Expands on the configurability of unused. This option now accepts the following values:

    • false: no checking is done.
    • true: checks all variables and parameters, unless unused parameter is followed by a used one:

      function test(err, val) { return val; }

    • "vars": checks only variables but not function parameters.
    • "strict": checks all variables and all function parameters. (#778)
  • Fixes a bug where \0 in strings would produce a false positive warning.
  • Fixes a bug where unused would generate false positive warnings on ES3 future reserved words in the ES5 environment.
  • Removes support for all single-line special comments except for // jshint. (#881)

I would also like to use this moment to say hi to my friends and family, and remind everyone that we're running a fundraising campaign on BountySource. All money donated will be used to pay contributors for fixing bugs and shipping new features. So if you like JSHint donate today. And if you hate JSHint donate tomorrow.