JSHint 2.1.0

JSHint 2.1.0 is out. This releases adds support for ES6 class syntax and fixes some issues with our parser.

  • Added support for ES6 class syntax. (#1048)
  • Added support for error code in the Checkstyle reporter. (#1088)
  • Added support for do statement bodies that are not block statements. (#1062)
  • Fixed issues with JSHint not parsing comma expressions correctly. (#1084)
  • Fixed a bug with W080 no longer pointing to relevant identifiers. (#1070)
  • Fixed a potential issue with Node 0.10 and Windows. (#1065)
  • Fixed issues with JSHint not parsing assignments in switch conditionals. (#1064)
  • Fixed an issue with esnext and moz modes turning off the default es5 mode. (#1068)

Thanks to usrbincc, James Allardice, Iraê Carvalho, Nick Schonning and jklein for sending patches!