New Release: 2.1.6

UPDATE: We just published another version, 2.1.7, which contains only one bugfix: #1199.

In this release we added two new arguments to our CLI program: exclude which allows you to exclude directories from linting and prereq which allows you to specify a file containing declarations of the global variables used throughout your project. In addition to that, we added support for stdin. JSHint now follows a UNIX convention where if a given file path is a dash (-) the the program reads from stdin.

We also extended our ES6 coverage by adding support for yield statements and import/export declarations. JSHint is still the only linter that can parse most ES6 and Mozilla-specific JavaScript code.

For more changes, see the patch summary below.

  • 004dc61 Fixed #1178: Changed 'predef' to 'globals' in the example .jshintrc
  • cd69f13 Fixed #1187: Explicitly define contents of our NPM package
  • c83caf3 Fixed #1166: Tweaks to import/export support
  • 537dcbd Fixed #1164: Add codes to errors generated by quit()
  • 6aed7ed Fixed #1155: Use shelljs option in make.js
  • 87df213 Fixed #1153: Moved E037 and E038 to the warnings section and changed their message.
  • dd060c7 Fixed #779: Add support for !pattern in the .jshintignore files
  • 5de09c4 Fixed #696: Add support for --exclude arg
  • ee3d598 Fixed #809: Added short options to bin/jshint where it made sense
  • b937895 Fixed #810: Made --reporter description in -h more straightforward
  • 1c70362 Fixed #839: Add support for prereq files
  • 28dae4b Fixed #741: expose loadConfig from CLI
  • b39e2ac Followup #687: eqnull
  • 90b733b Followup #687: Use '-' as a marker for stding
  • 68db0d8 Fixed #687: Allow input via stdin
  • 5924b2a Fixed #1157: Add support for import/export.
  • 729cfd7 Fixed #1154: Add MouseEvent and CustomEvent browser globals
  • 9782fc8 Fixed #1134: Catch reserved words in ES3 mode.
  • 87e3e6c Fixed #1138: Count ternary and or operators for complexity
  • 66f3e4c Fixed #1133: Make shelljs imply node.
  • 79dc812 Fixed #704: Add config file support for the Rhino wrappers.
  • 88c862d Fixed #1109: Parse yield expressions.

Thanks to Terry Roe, Sindre Sorhus, Thomas Boyt, Nikolay S. Frantsev, XhmikosR, Jacob Rask, Kevin Chu, Tim Ruffles, Stephen Mathieson, Lukas Domnick, usrbincc for sending patches!