Fun little numbers

A few months ago I started sending data from this website to Keen.IO, a small San Francisco-based company specializing in the API for custom analytics. Last weekend, I finally found some time to look at the numbers.

In the past six months 169,000 JavaScript programs were linted through this website (we do not send any data from our our library or CLI progam in any way) and only 15% of them passed the checks. The average program consisted of 507 lines of code while the largest program had 101,000 lines in it. This means someone copied one hunder and one thousand lines of code, pasted it into our editor and pressed lint. In total, JSHint processed 86,000,000 lines of code through this website exclusively. Only 40% of our users used default JSHint settings, while 60% of them tweaked the settings in one way or another.

As for our NPM module, the NPM website tells us that the package has been downloaded 211,000 times in the last month.

That's it for now. I will continue to play with Keen.IO and our data to see if it gives me any additional insight into JSHint and its users.