New Release: 2.1.10

Thanks to Dave Camp JSHint now supports list comprehensions, a declarative way of transforming a list:

[ for (i of [ 1, 2, 3 ]) i + 2 ]; // Returns [ 3, 4, 5 ]

Note: SpiderMonkey currently implements a slightly different syntax for list comprehensions which is also supported by JSHint.

Patch summary

  • ae96e5c Fixed #1220: Add typed array option, implied by 'node' option
  • 27bd241 Fixed #1222: Update PhantomJS globals to 1.7 API
  • 6c5a085 Fixed #1216: Support for array comprehensions using for-of (closed #1095)
  • 83374ad No issue: Remove /stable/ subdirectories
  • 1a3c47f Fixed #1174: Fixed a false positive 'destructuring assignment' warning (closed #1177)
  • 303c535 Fixed #1183: Fix an issue with debugger warning pointing to a wrong line in some cases
  • a0b7181 No issue: Add helper programs to apply and land patches from GitHub
  • 9c2b8dd Fixed #1194: Don't look for a config when input is /dev/stdin
  • a17ae9e Fixed #1189: Support spaces in /global ... /
  • dcc1251 Fixed #1197: Make Rhino wrapper to be more consistent with NPM package.
  • 96ea1a8 No issue: Split make.js into bin/build and bin/changelog
  • 4ac19fa No issue: Move JSHint config into package.json

Thanks to Rob Wu, Ryan Cannon, Dave Camp, Amir Livneh, Josh Hoff, Nikolay S. Frantsev, Lapo Luchini, Lukas Domnick for sending patches!