New Release: 2.6.0

Bug Fixes

  • Add missing globals to browser environment (32f02e0)
  • Allow array, grouping and string form to follow spread operator in function call args. (437655a), closes #2060 #2060
  • Correct bug in enforcement of singleGroups (5fedda6), closes #2064
  • Remove dead code (3b5d94a), closes #883
  • Remove dead code for parameter parsing (a1d5817)
  • Revert unnecessary commit (a70bbda)


  • elision option to relax "Extra comma" warnings (cbfc827), closes #2062
  • Add new Jasmine 2.1 globals to "jasmine" option (343c45e), closes #2023
  • Support generators in class body (ee348c3)


  • In projects which do not enable ES3 mode, it is now an error by default to use elision array elements, also known as empty array elements (such as [1, , 3, , 5])