New Release: 2.6.1

Bug Fixes

  • Allow object-literals within template strings (4f08b74), closes #2082
  • Correct behavior of singleGroups (6003c83)
  • Correct token reported by singleGroups (bc857f3)
  • Disambiguate argument (d75ef69)
  • Do not crash on improper use of delete (35df49f)
  • ES6 modules respect undef and unused (438d928)
  • Fix false positives in 'nocomma' option (33612f8)
  • Handle multi-line tokens after return or yield (5c9c7fd), closes #1814 #2142
  • Miss xdescribe/xit/context/xcontext in mocha (8fe6610)
  • Parse nested templates (3da1eaf), closes #2151 #2152
  • Permit "eval" as object key (b5f5d5d)
  • Prevent beginning array from being confused for JSON (813d97a)
  • Refactor doFunction (06b5d40)
  • Remove quotmark linting for NoSubstTemplates (7e80490)
  • Remove tautological condition (f0bff58)
  • remove unused var (e69acfe), closes #2156
  • Simulate class scope for class expr names (ac98a24)
  • Support more cases of ES6 module usage (776ed69), closes #2118 #2143
  • Templates can not be directives (20ff670)
  • Unfollowable path in lexer. (065961a)


  • Implement new option futurehostile (da52aa0)
  • parse and lint tagged template literals (4816dbd), closes #2000