New Release: 2.8.0

Bug Fixes

  • add the "fetch" global for "browser" environment (b3b41c8), closes #2355
  • Allow lexer to communicate completion (a093f78)
  • Distinguish between directive and mode (51059bd)
  • Don't throw "Duplicate class method" with computed method names (ab12dfb), closes #2350
  • Ignore unused arrow-function parameters if unused: vars (2ea9cb0), closes #2345
  • Move helper methods to state object (678da76)
  • parse const declarations in ForIn/Of loops (2b673d9), closes #2334 #2335
  • Parse semicolons in class bodies (58c8e64)
  • Prevent regression in enforceall (6afcde4)
  • Relax singleGroups restrictions: arrow fns (4a4f522)
  • Relax singleGroups restrictions: IIFEs (9f55160)
  • Reset generator flag for each method definition (2444a04), closes #2388 #2389


  • Implement module option (290280c)
  • support destructuring in ForIn/Of loops, lint bad ForIn/Of LHS (c0edd9f), closes #2341