New Release: 2.9.2

This release contains a number of bug fixes. As always, we thank everyone who reported issues and submitted patches; those contributions are essential to the continuing improvement of the project. We hope you'll keep it up!

Bug Fixes

  • (cli - extract) lines can end with "\r\n", not "\n\r" (93818f3), closes #2825
  • Account for implied closures (c3b4d63)
  • Add CompositionEvent to browser globals (56515cf)
  • Allow destructuring in setter parameter (97d0ac1)
  • Allow parentheses around object destructuring assignment. (7a0bd70), closes #2775
  • Allow regex inside template literal (5dd9c90), closes #2791
  • Allow regexp literal after 'instanceof' (caa30e6), closes #2773
  • Correct CLI's indentation offset logic (47daf76), closes #2778
  • Do not crash on invalid input (2e0026f)
  • Do not fail on valid configurations (2fb3c24)
  • Don't throw E056 for vars used in two functions (fd91d4a), closes #2838
  • Emit correct token value from "module" API (4a43fb9)
  • Expand forms accepted in dstr. assignment (8bbd537)
  • Improve binding power for tagged templates (9cf2ff0)
  • Improve reporting of "Bad assignment." (08df19e)
  • Make the 'freeze' option less strict (b76447c), closes #1600
  • Report "Bad assignment." in destructuring (fe559ed)
  • Report character position for camelcase errors (480252a), closes #2845
  • Reserve await keyword in ES6 module code (b1c8d5b)