New Release: 2.9.4

Bug Fixes

  • Allow RegExp literal as yield operand (#3011) (b646aea)
  • Allow W100 to be ignored during lookahead (a2b3881), closes #3013
  • Avoid crashing on invalid input (#3046) (bec152c)
  • Correct interpretation of ASI (#3045) (9803e11)
  • Do not duplicate reported warnings/errors (dc4a4fe)
  • Enforce TDZ within initializer of lexical declaration 8e9d406), closes #2637
  • Enforce TDZ within class heritage definition 8e9d406)
  • Enforce TDZ within for in/of head 8e9d406), closes #2693
  • Offset line no.s of errors from eval code (2a31c94)
  • Remove null value from errors array (#3049) (f7eb3d7)
  • Report error for offending token value (3b06d01)