New Release: 2.9.5

Bug Fixes

  • Account for hoisting of importing bindings (bd36953)
  • Add onmessage to vars.worker (540ed85)
  • Added missing "Storage" browser variable (8cfe5ad)
  • Avoid crash when peeking past end of prog (c083866)
  • Avoid false positive (44d9e0b)
  • Close synthetic scope for labeled blocks (5f0f789)
  • Fail gracefully on invalid if syntax (#3103) (8c6ac87)
  • Honor "ignore" file when linting STDIN (d4f83a4)
  • Parse for-in/of head LHS as asnmt target (da52ad9)
  • Removed warning message W041 (#3115) (376fa62)
  • Throw W033 instead of E058 when the ; after a do-while stmt is missing (6907cd4)


  • Add enforcing option: trailingcomma (#3090) (42dc572)
  • Add MediaRecorder to vars.js (b075919)