New Release: 2.10.3

Bug Fixes

  • Allow more escapes with RegExp u flag (5ac5c46)
  • Correct binding power of AwaitExpression (af04b1e)
  • Correct interpretation of commas (691dbdc)
  • Correct restrictions on class method names (f670aeb)
  • Correctly interpret class method names (82b49c4)
  • Do not crash on invalid program code (b14acca)
  • Interpret "object rest" ident as a binding (c0e9a5b)
  • Relax singleGroups for async functions (c5dcd90)
  • Tolerate static as class method name (9cb3b20)
  • Tolerate valid assignments (0a60c9e)
  • Validate lone arrow function parameter (38285cd)