New Release: 2.13.0

Bug Fixes

  • Allow comma expression in MemberExpression (f05c8d1)
  • Consider all exported bindings "used" (90228b7)
  • Correct interpretation of ImportSpecifier (72a8102)
  • Correct location for error (e831188)
  • Correct location reported for directive (ee6aa68)
  • Detect duplicate exported bindings (916c230)
  • Don't warn when Function() is used without 'new'. (#3531) (c13c5cc)
  • Don't warn when RegExp() is used without 'new'. (#3529) (c18a6e4)
  • Enforce restrictions on new operand (c2719eb)
  • Graduate BigInt support to esversion: 11 (553f816)
  • Improve declaration parsing (a9bdc93)
  • Report early reference with warning (2c1a5f8)
  • Support RegExp Unicode property escapes (e7fa785)


  • Add support for "export * as ns from" (c46f464)
  • Add support for import.meta (73d7e0d)
  • Add support for dynamic import (6bfcaed)
  • Add support for optional chaining (b125dbe)
  • Implement support for nullish coalescing (f50b14d)