What's new in JSHint (October, 2013)

We shipped a couple of exciting new features in October. Here's a short write-up about some of them.

Ignore directive

Thanks to Daniel Miladinov, JSHint can now ignore blocks of code which makes it easier to use JSHint with JavaScript language extensions such as Facebook React.

// Code here will be linted with JSHint.
/* jshint ignore:start */
// Code here will be linted with ignored by JSHint.
/* jshint ignore:end */

All code in between ignore:start and ignore:end won't be passed to JSHint at all. Additionally, you can ignore a single line with a trailing comment:

ignoreThis(); // jshint ignore:line

Checks for the typeof operator

Thanks to Oleg Grenrus, JSHint can now check the use of a typeof operator when its result is compared to a string. This operator has only a limited set of possible return values (mdn). If you try to compare it with an invalid value, JSHint will produce a warning informing you about the issue. You can disable this check with a notypeof option.

// 'fuction' instead of 'function'
if (typeof a == "fuction") { // Warning: Invalid typeof value 'fuction'
  /* ... */

New option: freeze

Thanks to Caitlin Potter, there's a new option—freeze—that prohibits the modification of native objects such as Array, Number, Date, etc. It's generally a bad idea to modify these objects unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing.

/* jshint freeze:true */
Array.prototype.count = function (value) { return 4; };
// -> Warning: Extending prototype of native object: 'Array'.

This option is still under development. Do you have suggestions on how we can improve it? Tell us here.


We now use GitHub releases to host our changesets: