New JSHint website

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a new homepage for JSHint and today I'm proud to announce the new!

JSHint Website

I decided to change the website to show the direction where I'm taking JSHint and where I'd like to see other developer tools go in the near future.

If you go to the front-page right now, you'll notice that it doesn't have a Lint button anymore. Once you start typing your code, JSHint will always be working in the background, providing you with valuable data about your code. This data consists of not only warnings but also of different metrics such as the cyclomatic complexity. These metrics help you step back and look at the overall health of your codebase.

I think that such instant feedback from the tools that monitor your code can be quite useful and, now that the foundation is here, I plan to experiment with these ideas using both JSHint and

Stay tuned!